Frequently Asked Questions

What is Strata Title?

A Strata Title lot can be described as “a defined portion of a building, group of buildings or land for which a separate Certificate of Title is issued”

Strata Title allows for individual ownership of part of a property called a ‘Lot’, combined with shared ownership in the remainder called Common Property for example driveways, foyers & gardens

The major difference between owning a house and owning in a strata scheme depends on your strata plan. The key concept to remember is that the Lot Owner effectively owns the air space and anything included in the air space, inside the boundary walls, floor and ceiling of the lot. For questions about boundaries of the lot and clarifying common property refer to your individual Strata Plan.

What is common property?

Common property is all the areas of the land and building not included in any lot. It is jointly owned by all owners, and the Strata Company is responsible for its management and maintenance.

Care of the Common Property

The Strata Company is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of common property. This includes repair work and replacing and renewing common property when needed. In order to pay for maintenance of common property, the Strata Company has to raise funds from all individual lot owners through regular payment of levies (an amount of money decided by the Council of Owners).


Any maintenance requirements for the common property can now be lodged and tracked via our online maintenance system. Your Strata Manager will then contact the Council of Owners to notify them of the maintenance request, and seek appropriate instructions to carry out any intended works.

Alterations to common property by an individual owner

If an individual owner wishes to alter or renovate any part of the property (lot) they will also need the permission of the Strata Company. For example, if you wish to install an air-conditioner, shutters or any fixture that may alter the appearance of the premises this requires the permission of the Strata Company.